Quite simply, we make it easy.  The search for finding the perfect ring starts off fun and exciting!  But before you know it, you are bombarded with hundreds of ring options, and that doesn’t even come close to the number of diamonds available online.  By now you’ve probably looked at too many diamond certificates to count and narrowing it down to one seems overwhelming.  Who can you trust?  What will the diamond actually look like?  Sparkle and brilliance cannot be measured on paper.  True beauty can only be seen as you rotate the diamond of your dreams in the light!

     At Christopher William Jewelers, easy means being able to hold two diamonds in your hand, where you can actually see the difference between two clarity or color grades.      Finding a diamond that is brilliant, like no other - to you.

     At Christopher William Jewelers, easy means you can look at diamonds of various shapes and sizes, to help you determine the perfect stone that fits into your budget.

     At Christopher William Jewelers, easy means that with hundreds of mountings in stock, and a Master Jeweler on staff, your dream ring will be in your hands more quickly than     you think—and you can get on with planning the perfect proposal!