Jake Shreckhise

Jake + Kaitlin

She still stares at its brilliance.

While my parents have always been friends of the Simonetti's, I really got to know Chris as I began to build Kaitlin’s Pandora bracelet. Before every Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc, I would head to CWJ in search of a new bead. Chris and his friendly staff always helped me find the perfect addition to Kaitlin’s bracelet.

Eventually, I found myself wandering through the engagement ring section. Choosing a ring that would be forever attached to the love of my life was a big deal. However, knowing that I could completely trust the jeweler for a fair price and a quality diamond made my purchase simple.

Needless to say, Kaitlin adores her new ring. Three months after the proposal, she still stares at its brilliance.

-Jake Shreckhise