The Hearts On Fire Difference

Hearts On Fire Master Craftsmen

Our Hearts on Fire collection exemplifies the ultimate beauty of love. Each and every diamond is a masterpiece, crafted to portray our fiery love for our significant other.  Examined closely, a Hearts on Fire diamond has eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and fireburst patterns cut into the depths of the stone. The exclusive, ideal-cut is only mastered by a few in the world – making the Hearts on Fire diamond one of the most elegant, timeless works of art.


A Hearts On Fire diamond is cut and polished at 100x magnification by master craftsmen, while the rest of the industry cuts at 10x magnification.  Only the world's best master craftsmen are qualified to cut for Hearts On Fire.

Hearts On Fire diamonds are 100% conflict-free and a Certificate of Origin is is required for all rough diamonds to ensure they come from verified conflict-free sources. So you can feel comfortable knowing your diamonds are not only the BEST but also responsibly sourced.


Christopher William Jewelers is one of only 25 Hearts On Fire certified repair centers in the world!