Laura + Zac

Laura and  Zac

From Laura Hittie:

Zac and I could not be happier with the staff & service at CWJ! More than 6 months after our engagement, I'm still in awe, daily, of how beautiful (and sparkly!) my Hearts on Fire ring is! We did not feel pressured when we went in to browse, and felt very welcomed even though neither of us had much prior diamond knowledge. I gave some input as to my likes & dislikes, but Zac did a lot of research, had excellent help from the CWJ staff (including Jessica & Chris), and picked a ring that was absolutely perfect for me! It's also comforting to know what a quality ring & diamonds I have (from the Hearts on Fire collection). After the proposal, Zac was excited to tell me about the whole process, and conveyed to me how pleasant & easy it was, especially with the help of such an exceptional staff. We deeply appreciated the congratulatory gifts/offers and the shared excitement when we came back in as fiancées! I love stopping in to get my ring cleaned, have gotten some great recommendations while wedding planning, and look forward to continuing to do business with CWJ in the future! Thank you for everything!!!