Hannah + Ryan

Couple kissing

Just wanted to thank Christopher Williams Jewelers for helping my fiance (Ryan) pick out the most perfect engagement ring for me. I truly couldn't have picked out anything better myself. Ryan said CWJ was nothing but polite, exceptional and more than helpful in his process of picking out and purchasing my ring. They offered tons of choices and price ranges to create a ring for any taste. Following our engagement we received cute gift bags with and “his” and “hers” mugs and other cute accessories. When it came to getting my ring resized I had loads of questions (that were all answered thoroughly). When I received my ring back it not only fit perfectly but also looked perfect. With every visit to the store it truly feels like we know each of the staff members personally. This is entirely process was more than you could ever get (or expect) from a mall or large-chain jewelry store. I am so thankful Ryan chose CWJ. Overall I highly recommend anyone looking for an engagement ring (or any jewelery, really they offer pretty much anything) to look no further than to CWJ!